A Behind The Scenes Westworld Promo Video Suggests Many Possible Storylines.

Today, HBO treated fans with a trio of short new promo videos. One video in particular was an exciting behind the scenes feature shown below. Each video appears to be designed to prep viewers for Westworld. We’re only two weeks away from the series debut of Westworld, the science fiction drama from HBO. The new promo video feature has show producers and some of the stars, describing the various storylines in Westworld. What characters do you think you’ll be interested in? You should like the artificial hosts that work in Westworld. We’ve certainly seen a great deal of Dolores, who is played by Evan Rachel Wood. When I first saw Talulah Riley in Westworld, I was simply thrilled.

Westworld Promo Feature Trailer

Images: HBO

In the promo feature video, you’ll soon understand that many of the Westworld story lines will purposely contrast. Other fans may be fond of the humans who pay large sums to visit Westworld. Your opinions, over time, may change as the episodes unfold. “It’s a classic full-boat western meets a science fiction film,” creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan said in the video. The show’s overall theme of right versus wrong is not new.

We’ve seen a similar storyline of good versus evil many times before. There’s one thing however that makes this show unique. It’s the fact that the hosts, who star in Westworld, will lose their memories every day. Viewers will have to come to grips with the fact that their favorite character begins anew each day.

Will you be a fan of the Westworld hosts or the humans who pursue them?

Visually, Westworld is looking better, and with each new frame, it truly shines. It’ll be nice to have another science fiction series that gives fans, many interesting philosophical questions to answer. One challenge as viewers, will be to accept the show’s foundation. After-all, as Anthony Hopkins’ character Dr. Ford puts it in the video “You can’t play God without being acquainted with the devil.” You will find similar videos and trailers on our video guide page. In the meantime, you better prep for Westworld, the show debuts Oct 2, on HBO.