Billboards For The Highly Anticipated Sci-Fi Series Appear In Several Cities.

I am very excited to report that billboards for the highly anticipated sci-fi drama series Westworld are apparently up in Los Angeles. Perhaps, you will soon find some in your city as well. Westworld actor and follower Ben Barnes posted a superb image over to his twitter account of what is likely the first of many Westworld billboards going up around the inland empire. If you click on the images from Twitter, you’ll be taken to those profiles.

Barnes reports that “Westworld posters are going up everywhere!” The billboard image of the season one poster artwork (lower left photo in the image) is stationed above the Best Western hotel, a notable landmark on the Sunset strip.  The billboards are installed in both horizontal banner and vertical poster aspects. We have a separate article that discusses the new poster artwork for season one on another page, so be sure to check that out.

Billboards for HBO's Westworld around Los Angeles

Images: Ben Barnes

The entire avenue is in fact just a couple of miles from the Hollywood bowl and just south of the Hollywood hills. If you search for it with your favorite map application, you should easily locate it. You may be interested in driving by for a look. I once lived in El Segundo, just south of LAX, so I know my way fairly well around the county.

If you happen to discover any new Westworld billboards, if you don’t mind, please forward those images to Inside Westworld. Our email address is located on our Contact Page. If you happen to be on Twitter, to get our attention, you may simply include Inside Westworld in any tweets that include billboard images. Either method of contact will work perfectly.

This article has been updated on Sept. 12 to include another Billboard sighting, this time in New York city. Twitter enthusiast @ricksltsister posted this fantastic image over to his/her Twitter profile, commenting that Westworld was taking over New York city. Check it out below.