The Iconic Man In Black From HBO’s Westworld Has A New Role.

The Man In Black from HBO’s Westworld is not what he seems to be. As we receive more details about the series debut of Westworld, specific character details are starting to emerge. EW recently published a quintet of exclusive images pulled directly from show footage. In addition, they were quite detailed about one of the most interesting and iconic characters from the original film.

Four Westworld Images from Sept. 7, 2106

Images: John P. Johnson/HBO

First, we see an image of Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford. He is the inventor of Westworld. We find him seated in front of his apparent wall of heads, after all what would Westworld be without a wall of heads. In a description, it is suggested that Ford will begin to realize that he has lost control of his park. The next image is of Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores Abernathy, speaking with with a young farm boy. Woods’ recently commented that for the actors, playing androids is particularly challenging because everything a host does must have some logical purpose.

The Man In Black Is A Frequent Visitor To Westworld.

A third image, again includes Dolores, but this time with the Man in Black. In this image, Dolores meets the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris apparently for the first time. In a complete twist to the original film, (drum roll) the Man in Black is supposedly a human visitor and not an android! It has been reported that apparently, his character is in fact a frequent visitor to the park, someone who comes across as a sadist that’s on some mysterious quest. “He’s got a much more specific intention than just having a good time,” Ed Harris recently reported. The final image was of Teddy Flood, (See center above) who is played by James Marsden. At this time, little is known about his character, and that’s the way producers want it at the moment. Marsden reported that the story will constantly keep viewers off balance. The complete episode guide for season one of Westworld is available.