Jeffrey Wright, one of the stars in HBO’s upcoming sci-fi drama series, in the past, has shown great admiration for his cast mate Anthony Hopkins longevity in Hollywood. Recently, I was reminded of a comment Wright made on Twitter when the actor tweeted some appreciative remarks after doing some scenes with Hopkins.

Many people have shown interest in the HBO series, which subsequently led to quite a number of followers to actually watch the original film from Michael Crichton. Jeffrey Wright has been consistently working in Hollywood, having completed projects for television and the movie screen. He is also well-liked by moviegoers and HBO TV series fans.

Jeffrey Wright and Anthony Hopkins at the 2016 TCA talk Westworld

Jeffrey Wright, Left, Anthony Hopkins, Right. Images: Getty Images.

I would imagine most fans would actually express the same sentiments as Wright, especially if they were working on set with Anthony Hopkins in HBO’s Westworld. Who wouldn’t be excited to be alongside with a legendary actor? It would be an honor to work with anyone who has been in show business for a long period of time.

Moreover, for an actor to stay active, despite his years, can be considered quite an achievement in itself. Are you wondering about what Jeffrey Wright had in mind when he made the above tweet? Of course, you may want to know the exact emotions behind those words. Perhaps you may want to dig deeper as to why Wright had chosen those particular terms and posted it for all to see. Sounds intriguing right?

Truth be told, there’s no underlying message in the above tweet that you have to discover. It was tweeted the way and only Wright can give further details regarding his remarks. It would be best to talk about the upcoming HBO TV series that everyone is now getting very excited about. A huge number of fans have already watched the latest trailer here and on YouTube. It will not come as a surprise to me when fans flock to the series once it premieres. The story itself is quite intriguing and you don’t want to miss it when it debuts in October. The complete episode guide to Westworld in now available. I’m certain this is a series that both Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Wright will be proud of.