An American Audience Will Have Their HBO Westworld Television Debut Tonight.

HBO’s Westworld television debut is upon us. American audiences will have their Westworld debut on Sunday night. Please consult your own cable operator’s schedule for exact dates and times. Looking back years, I remember when J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan first pitched the show idea to HBO. In a recent article in Deadline, Nolan commented “J.J. came to Lisa and I with the suggestion that Westworld wasn’t to be realized as a movie since it had been ripped off so many times and inspired a number of sci-fi films, rather a TV series from the robots’ point of view.”

Westworld Where Life Begins Poster

Images: HBO

Back at the first of this year, I also recall when media outlets were skeptical about the Westworld production delay. Many reports had Westworld stopped indefinitely, others suggesting the show was simply slow to the plate. A few even believed HBO was having cold feet, possibly rethinking its support. As a result of inconsistent media coverage, HBO issued a statement “As we head into the final phase of production of ‘Westworld,’ we’ve made the decision to take a brief hiatus in order to get ahead of the writing,” I always believed that executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy tirelessly wrote scripts and simply needed a little more time to firm up their work.

In the interest of anticipation and dedication, I have been following HBO’s Westworld development longer than most. I posted news about HBO’s Westworld on the Internet long before any similar Westworld website even existed. I also held the official Twitter and Facebook social media names for Westworld then later offered them up to HBO. I believe HBO knew long ago that Westworld would be a solid hit, and that I would always do my best to shore up the fans.

Since the birth of the first Westworld trailer in June, television critics have mostly praised Nolan’s work as visually compelling; a product Crichton would be proud of. Moreover, from what I’ve literally heard, Ramin Djawadi, known for his music on Game of Thrones, scored some thrilling music to compliment Westworld’s unique storyline. The other day, HBO released a critics promo video to promote the show.

Tonight, an American audience will get to see all that hard work on screen. After all, it’s that hard work, dedication and trust of the fans, that has brought us here to the debut of HBO’s Westworld. If you want to see other Westworld video’s, check out the Inside Westworld Video trailer guide.