Likely To Avoid The Presidential Debates, Westworld Episode 2 Chestnut Comes Early.

All hands on deck, Westworld episode 2, entitled Chestnut was released early by HBO. The early release, which came out Thursday night at midnight was actually a clever way of allowing fans access to the next hour in the drama series thus avoiding the Presidential debate. The debate between Clinton and Trump is scheduled for Sunday nights 9:00 PM ET time slot.

Jimmi Simpson as Willian and Ben Barnes as Logan in Episode 2 Chestnut

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

The Westworld premiere, which aired this past Sunday was seen by 3.3 million viewers. That is HBO’s biggest premiere numbers since True Detective premiered nearly 3 years ago. The news of this release first came as an email from HBO’s promotional travel site, Discover Westworld.

Inside Westworld actually announced the debut of the second episode on Social Media largely before any other website took notice. First to know, first to act.

This image below is a sample of the email that was labeled as a High-Priority Message for Employees. It came from Discover Westworld and included details about the release of Episode 2, Chestnut. Fans were cleverly lead to believe that the episode was released early because of a security breach in the Narrative department at Delos corporation. Look for our recap of episode 2, Chestnut, later in the week, after the linear broadcast of Westworld Additionally, I would like to allow time for our international fans to see the episode. In the meantime, check out the gallery for the latest photos from episode 2, and share the post so your friends know Westworld, episode 2, entitled Chestnut, is now available on HBO’s streaming app.