Maeve’s Revelation In The Adversary Is The Best Scene Since Abernathy’s Meltdown.

This is my Westworld recap of season 1, episode 6 entitled “The Adversary.” Maeve undergoes some serious tweaks and she discovers what her life is really about. The Man in Black and Teddy head towards the dark territory. Bernard and Elsie discover who the saboteur is. Ford has a home away from home, complete with hosts who play his long dead family members. Westworld amps up the creep level, while Teddy takes charge of the mission. Westworld the Adversary seriously gets this series moving.

Meave is having a wonderful day. She wakes up at home as she has done a thousand times before, then heads to the brothel in Sweetwater. The sky is beautiful and today seems different. She meets up with Clementine, another Host and the two engage in a bit of talk. Maeve also seems different today, she seems more intelligent, more aware of how her day is going to unfold. She spots a newcomer at the brothel and the two head upstairs for a bit of action. During the encounter, Meave provokes the newcomer and he chokes her out during sex. What a horrible way to start the morning. Meave then wakes up in the backstage lab with Lutz hovering over her. She sits up, smiles, totally pleased with herself and completely aware of what has just happened.

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Across the backstage, Bernard and Elsie discuss the transmitter they discovered in the dead Host that crushed its own skull. Bernard points out that the transmitter uses an older version of Windows, which is not completely readable by the new software running the show inside Westworld. Bernard then tells Elsie, he will have to go downstairs where the old computers are so he can access the transmitter. The goal is to determine where the information contained in the transmitter was being sent. Bernard takes an elevator and heads below to level B-83. While walking through the dimly lit hallway, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the old murder-bot, played by Yul Brenner back in the 1970s Westworld film. Bernard then enters an old office, sits at a computer, which is still running the older Westworld software. Bernard discovers several Wesworld Hosts topside in the park that are not registered with the new software, effectively operating off the grid.

Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Topside, Dr. Ford and a small group of engineers are plotting out where various elements of the park will be constructed.  Ford with just a few voice commands stops the entire town from moving, and then reactivates the town as he walks about. Most interestingly, Ford stops to admire an outline of the maze on a table, then simply walks on. Ford returns below to his office and continues to work on his own park narrative. Outside of Pariah, Teddy and the Man in Black look for a way past without some Union soldiers without being discovered. Most interestingly, Teddy notices the maze scalp the Man in Black is carrying. Teddy remarks that “The maze is an old Native myth. The Maze itself is the sum of a man’s life, the choices he makes, the dreams he hangs onto. And there at the center, there’s a legendary man, who’s been killed over and over again and always clawed his way back to life. He returned for the last time, vanquished all his enemies. He built a house, and around that house he built a maze so complicated that only he could see his way through it. I reckon he’d seen enough fighting.”

Ptolemy Slocum as Sylvester and Leonardo Nam as Lutz and Thandie Newton as Maeve

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Below, in the backstage lab, Lutz brings Meave up to speed on how she is programmed. Meave refuses to believe she is a Host, constructed and controlled by those at Westworld. Lutz seems intrigued as to how she is retaining her experiences because she is designed to purge her memories every day. Meave charms Lutz into taking her upstairs so she can see more of Westworld. Lutz is smitten with Meave and he agrees. The two take a sentimental walk to the upper levels of Westworld, careful not to attract any attention. In probably the best 5 minutes of the entire series, with an orchestral version of Radiohead‘s “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Meave begins to realize her entire life is a well scripted lie. Upstairs, Maeve discovers a video trailer for her own life, one where she’s a perpetual victim, the unknowing captive, and the star. The tagline for the ad is “Live Without Limits,” when her life has always been lived within the limits.

James Marsden as Teddy Flood Westworld The Adversary

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Across the park, Teddy and the Man in Black discover an encampment of Union soldiers. They disguise themselves as soldiers and attempt to pass and gain entrance to the dark territory. However, Teddy is recognized by one of the soldiers and a gunfight begins. Back at Westworld’s Mesa bar, the unapologetic Lee Sizemore meets newcomer Charlotte Hale. Lee is drawn to Charlotte’s curves like a bee to honey. He tries to impress her with his position, but Charlotte appears to be hiding something.

Bernard speaks with Elsie and heads out to sector 17, topside in the park. Previously, sector 17 was designated off limits and neither Hosts nor park guests venture there. Bernard discovers a family of Hosts there, consisting of Dr. Ford’s family members. His father, mother, and the Little Boy we’ve seen before. Ford appears and explains these are host versions of his own family. The Little Boy we’ve met a few times before is young Robert Ford. They’re all first generation hosts built for Ford by the supposedly deceased park co-founder, Arnold. Ford demonstrates this by giving the boy a voice command to break his face apart. These bots are full of metal parts, unlike the more organic hosts of “today.’ Ford asks Bernard to indulge him and keep his family off the grid so to speak. Ford tries to reassure Bernard that “They’re quite harmless, like all the hosts,” Ford says of a robot that just a moment earlier attacked Bernard unprovoked and couldn’t be stopped. Ford said that Arnold always used to say “a great artist always hid themselves in their work.”

Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford and Oliver Bell as the Little Boy

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Bernard heads back to the backstage lab while Ford takes a walk in the woods. He once again meets up with the Little Boy and both discover their dog is dead. Ford discovers his younger self killed his beloved greyhound. Why? The voice of Arnold told him to do it. Ford does not seem surprised.

Back in Westworld, Lee is reintroduced by Cullen to Charlotte, who’s apparently the executive director of Delos. It’s good to know that we’ll be seeing her again as Delos starts to have a presence in Westworld. Meanwhile, Teddy and the Man in Black were captured by the Union soldiers and tied up. Bullets start to fly when the Man in Black loosens his ropes, and Teddy turns into the Hulk. Teddy, clearly with some anger issues, takes control of a Gatling gun and wipes out all the Union soldiers in the camp. The Man in Black smiles at Teddy’s handy work “You think you know someone,” and Teddy answers “You don’t know me at all.” They give high-fives then ride off towards the dark territory.

Shannon Woodward as Elsie Hughes

Images: John P. Johnson HBO

Elsie informs Bernard about what she has discovered and heads below to an abandoned theater. Elsie, alone in the lower levels of Westworld, locates the relay that was being used to send bicameral messages to older model Hosts in the park. Elsie informs Bernard and she also tells him that Cullen has been using the relay. Bernard gets this news while talking to Cullen, who earlier in the episode broke up with him in the coldest way possible: “This can’t go on; it’s over; we’re over,” Cullen told Bernard in the park’s conference room. “So if there’s nothing else, we’re done.” Naturally, Elsie discovers an adversary in the theater and is abducted.

Meanwhile, back in the backstage lab, Maeve persuades Lutz and the loathsome Sylvester to improve her programming, perhaps making her the most advanced Host in the park. In a moment right out of the Sims, Maeve’s behavioral attributes are tweaked and she realizes there’s much more to life than just being a Host. Next week, Westworld episode 7 entitled “Trompe O’Loeil” debuts on Sunday, Nov 13 at 9:00 PM ET on HBO. Check out all the official Westworld the Adversary photos in the gallery. Here’s a preview of what’s coming.