HBO’s Top 10 Westworld Episodes Saves The Best For Last.

This is our ranking of HBO’s Top 10 Westworld episodes in season one. See if our list is the same as yours. Moreover, see if the top 10 Westworld episodes include your favorite characters from this season. What were the breakout moments in season one, which actor stole the episode and what is in store for season two? The top 10 Westworld episodes of season one are all listed below, so let’s get this train rolling.

Thandie Newton as Maeve and Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe in The Well-Tempered Clavier

The Well-Tempered Clavier. This is the best directed episode of the season with Emmy nominated Michelle MacLaren at the helm. Viewers are taken on an expertly written, mind shaking, but well explained visual story, largely while Dolores relives her past experiences. Her quest to find Arnold and the center of the maze is soon realized, but will likely come at great cost. Bernard suffers another scripted meltdown when he’s taken over by Maeve in her quest to leave Westworld. Finally, Teddy and the Man in Black get closer to Wyatt in their separate quest to find Dolores and the Maze. The Well-Tempered Clavier surpasses all other episodes to date with top notch writing that put a couple of key theories to rest.

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy and James Marsden as Teddy and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford in The Bicameral Mind

The Bicameral Mind. The season ending finale sends viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Maeve, the most consistently well written host of the season reaches her goal, but soon realizes it’s not what she wanted. The backstage becomes a battleground when Hector and Armistice take on security minus a couple of key players. Ford’s new narrative is unveiled as viewers are forced to swallow an unexpected turnaround. The maze is somewhat of a let down, as it’s characterized as a toy, explained away by Ford who asks Dolores to look inward. In an especially tender moment, Teddy once again holds Dolores as she dies. The Man in Black has an epiphany when gunfire wounds him. The Bicameral Mind is a 90 minute, expertly written, action packed episode that closes more loose ends and gives viewers a glimpse of what’s to come.

Jeffery Wright as Bernard Lowe and Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs in Westworld's The Original

The Original was the 75 minute world premiere of Westworld. Set sometime in the near future, Westworld is a technologically advanced theme park, beautifully designed as a western town called Sweetwater. The theme park is populated entirely with synthetic androids called “hosts”. Human visitors pay forty grand a day to visit the park where they can set their humanity aside and indulge in any activity without the fear of retaliation from the hosts. During a breakout moment, Louis Herthum, who plays Peter Abernathy, delivers a nearly premiere stealing performance while being questioned by Dr. Robert Ford. During questioning, Peter begins having an emotional breakdown, which spirals down into an android version of multiple personality disorder. The Westworld scientists call it “breaching” because Peter exhibits signs of having multiple personalities.

Jimmi Simpson as William and Ben Barnes as Logan in Episode 2 Chestnut

Chestnut. Let me begin by saying that much of the material in Chestnut, was originally part of the pilot for Westworld. The pilot had to be cut, because in part it was too long, plus once Westworld was signed to an entire season, it gave the writers an opportunity to further the storylines. Chestnut was a reminder of what ails Dolores, but more importantly, it introduced a couple of new storylines, that ultimately zoned in on Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton). Newcomer William enters the park with his partner Logan. Chestnut builds well on the foundation of characters that viewers will thoroughly enjoy.

James Marsden as Teddy Flood Westworld The Adversary

The Adversary. In the Adversary, Maeve undergoes some serious tweaks and she discovers what her life is really about. The Man in Black and Teddy head towards the dark territory. Bernard and Elsie discover who the saboteur is. Ford has a home away from home, complete with Hosts who play his long dead family members. Westworld amps up the creep level, while Teddy takes charge of the mission. Westworld the Adversary seriously gets this series moving. During an episode breakout moment, with an orchestral version of Radiohead‘s “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Meave begins to realize her entire life is a well scripted lie.

The StrayJames Marsden as Teddy Flood in The Stray. The storylines continue to develop into three distinct cones of concern. That’s my Hurricane reference, since I lived through one last week. The first storyline is all about the lab, or backstage, as they now like to call it. It consists of everything that happens in the lab, including the intrigue surrounding an upcoming visit from the Board of Directors. The second storyline revolves around the hosts, their glitches, and their inevitable uprising. The final storyline involves the park guests, including newcomer Marti, who’s played by Bojana Novakovic. In The Stray, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy did a much better job at defining the storylines than ever before.

Trace DecayJames Marsden as Teddy and Talulah Riley as Angela in Trace Decay. Dolores finds her home in the countryside. Maeve continues her manipulations to gain control of the hosts. The Man in Black and Teddy make a unique discovery while in search for the maze. Trace Decay shows some real strength and keeps viewers hooked as the season finale quickly approaches.

Trompe L’OeilJeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe and Sidse Babett Knudsen as Theresa Cullen in Westworld Trompe L'Oeil. Bernard has an epiphany during an episode shocker. Clementine shines and shows great courage. Dolores and William are back and as expected, they hook up. Trompe L’Oeil, I suspect, is the beginning of the end for many hosts once Ford brings his new narrative online. In a breakout moment, Jeffrey Wright nearly steals the episode playing Bernard, when he realizes he’s actually a host.

Chris Browning as Holden and Ben Barnes as Logan and Jimmi Simpson as William in Dissonance Theory

Dissonance Theory. This episode continues to expand largely with four storylines. These are: The Man in Black on his crusade to find the center of the maze. William and Dolores as they trek across the countryside on a bounty hunt. Meave, who’s possibly the brightest host in all of Westworld as she unravels her own reveries. Finally, there’s Dr. Robert Ford and Theresa Cullen and their brunch over at Agave plantation, where Ford once again demonstrates his Gold-like power over the hosts. Thandie Newton, who plays Maeve, realizes she’s not crazy after all, in a breakout moment in Dissonance Theory.

Ed Harris as the Man in Black and James Marsden as Teddy Flood in Westworld Epidoe 5 Contrapasso

Contrapasso. Dolores, Logan and William will find themselves in Pariah, where transgression is encouraged and taken to new levels. Across the plains, the Man in Black grows tired of Lawrence when he discovers a new way to the maze. Finally, in the backstage, Elsie will make an important discovery. Westworld Contrapasso reaches a plateau in storytelling, and you will have to decide if fan theories about the Man in Black are correct.

In addition to the episodes listed above, there were a number of characters we believe earned a larger role in season two. To begin with, Peter Abernathy, played by Louis Herthum, the Sheriff, played by Brian Howe; Holden, played by Chris Browning, Lawrence’s daughter, played by Izabella Alvarez, and finally the Fortune teller, played by Lili Bordan. If the showrunners at HBO can make that happen, that would be great. What do you think of our list? Feel free to post your comments over in the forums, on our Facebook or Twitter pages. As we learn more about Westworld season two, rest assured, you will learn about it here. A special thanks to HBO, for letting us be a past of this fantastic show. We very much are looking forward to the next season.