The 90-Minute Westworld Season Finale Will Open Ford’s New Narrative.

The Westworld season finale begins Sunday, December 4th at 9 PM ET on HBO. Can you believe the entire season has gone by so quickly? We’re still largely running on three distinct storylines. First, we have Maeve, who has solicited Armistice and Hector to help her break out of Westworld. Next, there’s Teddy and the Man in Black and their ultimate encounter with Wyatt. Finally, there’s Dolores, who has been living out her past experiences with William. Tonight, we suspect many things will not end well for the hosts as Ford opens his new narrative.

By all accounts, Westworld has done extremely well in the ratings and we know the series has been renewed for season two. Recently, on the Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, J.J. Abrams was quoted as saying that the Westworld season finale is insane. J.J. Abrams commented that:

It is 100% Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy run that show, and kill it. I can’t wait for you to see how insane it is.

We know that Ed Harris will be back for season two. However, at this time, we don’t know what other cast members will return. Certainly Elsie (Shannon Woodward) and Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) appear to have been killed off. The season finale may lose a few other favorites. Ford, Bernard, Dolores, Maeve, Logan and William are all up in the air for season two. The suggestion that William and the Man in Black are the same person likely means William (Jimmi Simpson) will not be back for season two. Nevertheless Inside Westworld will follow all the changes in the off season and post the updates here and in social media.

Finally, I want to thank HBO, and the people behind their social media for allowing me to be a part of this project. I tried to play an ancillary role, broadening the reach of the show, while always being positive and proactive with the fans. Buckle up cowboys, these violent delights, have violent ends.

Video courtesy of HBO.