Some Creative Westworld Fans Put Together Some Fantastic Artwork.

It’s been nearly a month since the first season of Westworld concluded. During this time, fans have been sharing a great many pieces of Westworld Artwork including illustrations, images and various media across social media. After all, we all have a fairly long time to wait before season two, which is scheduled to air sometime in 2018. This effort is a fantastic way to keep fans interested and show enthusiasm for the HBO series. Recently, on Twitter, HBO asked its fans to tag their creative Westworld artwork with the hashtag #WestworldReveries. Doing so could have your creative work retweeted to thousands of like minded fans. For example, across Twitter alone, you can find some fantastic artwork, like the item shown below. Some illustrations are done in pencil, others with crayon, paint and a wide variety of other digital formats. Some artwork is based off photography, but most are creatively unique, often emotive drawings of Westworld characters from various episodes.

Occasionally, HBO will retweet one of the more interesting images pulled from the aforementioned hashtag. So if you want to get your artwork noticed, make sure you use the #WestworldReveries hashtag in social media. You may also share your artwork here on the forums. You can even add a link to your gallery or other work, which is also a great way to share your work with fans. I’m sure all the Westworld fans would appreciate it very much.