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    Joined last week just getting around to saying hello, some of you may have seemed some of the Westworld drawings I have submitted on Twitter (my username on there is Novocastrian01) have a look and let me know what you think; contemplating on uploading some drawing on this site if people are interested.


    Gray (no that is not misspelt lol)

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    Just joined and navigating around the site, nice to meet like minded individuals, my profile photo and header are drawings I have done over the last few weeks (posted them on Twitter for anyone who is interested).

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    • Welcome to the community Gray! Please take a moment, create a new thread in the introductions forum http://insidewestworld.com/forum/introductions/ and introduce yourself to the other fans who visit this community. This is important, as it fosters a sense of community and helps to create a foundation to which we can build.