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    If you recall in the episode “Trace Decay”, Elsie Hughes went looking for the signal in the depths of the backstage only to be abducted. Many fans presumed she was killed, because she hasn’t been seen since.

    In a clever marketing narrative, last night, the Delos corporate website put out these hexadecimal numerals used in computer programming, which translates out to a binary-to-text code called Base64. That in turn translates to a link to a quick video that allegedly shows Elsie’s whereabouts.

    Elsie Hughes in Westworld sector 20

    The image indicates her diagnostic tablet is located in Sector 20, the same area that Stubbs went to investigate in “The Well-Tempered Clavier” only to be jumped by the natives in the Ghost Nation.

    It also links to a brief audio clip of her saying, “Hello?” What do you think, is she alive?


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