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    At the beginning of episode 2, you may remember how it appears that the Westworld Sheriff was scalped. However, in episode 1, the Original, we never saw that happen. Let me explain what happened. In episode 1, we find the Sheriff in the hills with a group of Guests. They’re hunting down Hector, the outlaw. Unfortunately, for the guests, the Sheriff malfunctions and the guests leave him and return to town.

    In a scene that was cut from episode 1, the Sheriff and his crew were attacked by Hector. Subsequently, the Sheriff was shot, then scalped by Hector. The Westworld staff then fetched him from the hills and returned him to the lab to be repaired. If you look carefully, you’ll see him in episode 1 being worked on in the lab. At any rate, the Sheriff lives and you’ll see him again in episode 3, “The Stray.”

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