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    I’m often asked by fans who’s behind Discoverwestworld.com. Is it real, and why can’t people from outside the U.S. access it. First the website. Discover Westworld is a promotional tool for HBO. It was designed by Digital Kitchen (DK), a high end media design firm based in Seattle. They’re known for incorporating rich videos into some fantastic designs. They’ve done work for HBO before on shows like True Blood, Big Love and Six Feet Under. I’m a huge Six Feet Under fan and a couple of months ago, I posted an article about Discover Westworld; feel free to check it out.

    Here’s a look at the early home page design for Discover Westworld:

    Discoverwestworld.com Home Page Design

    The Westworld television show is only available in certain viewing markets. This is why the promotional site for it is also only available in certain markets. I also assume there’s other legal reasons why the website can only be offered to those in the viewing area. Short of that, there would be no other logical reason, well, except for language or security issues, to keep the website away from international addresses.

    If you have not registed at Discover Westworld, you probably should. They dole out a fair amount of unique content related to the show. Moreover, the weekly newsletter offers some unique insights into the shows design and even its future. In one instance, when their server was comprimised, the second epiisode of #Westworld was released early to streaming devices. Those who were members of the site were alerted by email of the breach. Well, okay the server really wasn’t compromised, but in a promotional play they suggested a breach took place.

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